Seven Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Valuation

Equity from from day one so I can use that money to leverage myself in the next deal and sub sequential from there Arthur I want to make sure the property is fairly neutral cash flow so it’s not eating into your lifestyle because if you go and buy properties in a negatively geared bucks a week you’re going to be out of pocket and on the streets in no time no matter how big your wages so you need to make sure the cash flow strong and a third one is to make sure that you’re buying properties in line with a capital growth so buying not.


A property in the back of book you want to make sure you’re buying a property that’s you know in a capital city with good growth prospects to it now it sounds wonder full going to buy a property and making sure it’s and the value yeah the age of the Internet everyone’s got so much information people can see stuff how do you get to find deals when other people I’ve got the same technology and can’t find the deals there are lots of their’slots and lots of you know technology out there but the one thing that is still evident in any transaction that we do is who is human activity.

The fact is human error and there are lots of different ways that people saw the properties below market bay and that’s another agent just getting it wrong like you know there are thousands of agents I don’t even know what stats are there’s thousands tens of thousands of agents across the country the fact is that not all of them are up to speed exactly with every single property markets the re might be looking at data that six month sold months old and the last one Is old in there is worth yes but the reality is that as an investor you need to know your market and understand that you know I saw weeks ago Read: